Exclusive DC Comics Preview: Resurrection Man #10

Resurrection Man #10 Cover

Check out Comicbook.com's exclusive preview of Resurrection Man #10 from DC Comics. Resurrection Man has been one of the fan-favorite comics of the New 52. The series features Mitch Shelly, who is a character with a rather unusual ability.

Whenever Mitch Shelly is killed, he subsequently returns to life with a new power. In issue #10 of Resurrection Man, Mitch Shelley returns with the power to manipulate shadows. The battle between good and evil for Resurrection Man's soul...and if either side wins, Mitch Shelly loses! Where is the TRANSHUMAN?

Resurrection Man #10 is written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. Interior art is by Jesús Saíz and the cover is by Rafael Albuquerque. Resurrection Man #10 is 32 full color pages and is scheduled to arrive in comic book stores on June 13, 2012.


Resurrection Man 10 Page 1

Resurrection Man #10 Page 2

Resurrection Man #10 Page 3

Resurrection Man #10 Page 4

Resurrection Man #10 Page 5

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