Star Wars Episode 7 Rumor: Matthew Vaughn Left The X-Men For The Force

by Scott Johnson

Star WarsWhile they are clearly labeling their report as rumor, is claiming their sources are telling them that Matthew Vaughn is in talks with Disney/Lucasfilm to direct Star Wars Episode 7. Even though the report might be a rumor, it does make a lot of sense.

Just a little while ago, Matthew Vaughn dropped out of directing X-Men: Days Of Future Past for Twentieth Century Fox. Many fans thought it was kind of odd that he would suddenly step away as director of what will surely be a big budget X-Men movie, after he direct the financial and critical success X-Men: First Class.

Collider claims that the reason he is no longer directing the X-Men sequel is because of the opportunity to direct the next Star Wars movie. With Star Wars Episode 7 set to hit theaters in 2015, it probably would be difficult for him to also direct an X-Men movie being released in summer 2014. Disney CEO Bob Iger did classify Star Wars Episode 7 as being in the early stages of development, so we know Disney is talking to someone, and Matthew Vaughn seems as credible a rumor as anyone else.