No Batman Reboot Until 2017?

The Dark Knight Rises BatmanConsidering the amount of money that Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy brought in for Warner Bros., most would probably be expecting a Batman reboot fairly soon. However, a recent report by suggests that it might be 2017 at the earliest before fans get to see a new Batman solo movie.

According to Batman On Film’s respected source, Warner Bros. will likely debut the new Batman in a Justice League movie in summer 2015, which matches with other rumors that have been circulating. However, Warner Bros. reportedly won’t release a Batman solo film again until 2017 at the earliest.

While any type of report like this should be taken with a grain of salt, it does sort of make sense. Warner Bros. has Man of Steel coming up this summer, and their next major superhero film is rumored to be Justice League in 2015 (unless Lobo or Justice League Dark sneaks out earlier).

Batman has been a huge franchise for Warner Bros, so it’s possible that they want to give their new Batman a test run in Justice League before committing to new Batman solo movies. If their new Batman flops in Justice League, they would probably need time to recast before Batman reboot movies. If Warner Bros. doesn’t plan to start on new Batman solo movies until they see how Justice League does, then a 2016 release date would likely be rushed and 2017 would make more sense.