Sin City Director Would Consider Star Wars

Sin City and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For co-director Robert Rodriguez is a director with more than one successful franchise under his own belt; besides Sin City, he directed the El Mariachi trilogy and the Spy Kids films.

So what would his interest level be in working on Star Wars now that, for the first time since Rodriguez began his career, Lucasfilm is considering directors for the franchise? Well, it's hard for him to say without a firm offer on the table, and he'd lean toward no...but it's certainly not outside of the realm of possibility.

"I don't mind them doing more Star Wars," Rodriguez told MTV in a video interview embedded below. "I also like the idea of them doing off-shoot films, like you just have a Boba Fett movie over here. There's so much you can do. George has built such an enormous world that just to be waiting now again, who's going to live up that? It's almost like they should just branch it out, and let people play with those characters. There's such rich stuff."

He did seem somewhat more reserved when asked whether he would direct one of the films, but didn't rule it out and as he started to talk seemed to talk himself into it a bit.

"I don't know. It depends on what it was," he said. "George [Lucas] really inspired me to do what I'm doing now, which is the same thing he did. He originally wanted and couldn't get the rights to Flash Gordon. He tried, couldn't get it, so he went and wrote Star Wars, which was his complete take on Flash Gordon, even to the opening titles crawl that went that way.... I think if I asked [Lucas] for advice, he would say 'Go make your own Star Wars universe, kid.'"

He added, "If there was something that somebody said, 'Here, Han Solo, his own adventures.' I'd go do that."