Planet Hulk Writer Greg Pak Joins With Jonathan Coulton For Secret Project

Moments ago, when we wrote about Internet music icon Jonathan Coulton's recent troubles with the Fox series Glee and our proposed solution to get him a job on The Walking Dead, we noticed the singer/songwriter's Twitter feed.

Take a look for yourself:

Now, that's interesting.

It's just four days until Coulton is away from the Internet for a while, though: He's got JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 on February 10-17 in the Bahamas...and don't expect the announcement to come before (or likely during) the cruise.

Why not? Well, because Pak tweeted:

And when asked about the chances of it being officially announced before the cruise, the answer came back: Pak is, of course, the boundary-pushing writer behind The Vision Machine, an interactive comic book and iOS app that we spoke with him about just before New York Comic Con. That story dealt with both the promise and problems of living in a high-tech world, and Coulton was one of a number of experts who spoke about it in special features attached to the comic.

"We’ve got folks like Andy Ihnatko, who is a legendary tech journalist talking about some of the tech-related stuff that’s happening and also Jonathan Coulton–internet superstar and musician Jonathan Coulton, who has been on the forefront of the digital revolution and how it affects artists–has a lot of interesting things to say about how this technology is changing things and what the potential and the potential dangers are as well," Pak explained to

Pak is also the writer of Planet Hulk, a graphic novel recently reported to be the premise of an upcoming Marvel Studios feature film.

Coulton is an Internet music pioneer, having cultivated a fiercely dedicated fan base largely via his social media presence. In addition to albums and writing music for the Portal games, Coulton sells things like USB drives with his entire catalogue on them for a flat rate and, of course, he hosts cruises for his fans.

So--what's their next project together?

Let the speculation begin!