The Walking Dead: Kevin Smith Thinks Lori Is Still Alive

Kevin Smith thinks Lori is still aliveOn the Talking Dead after “The Suicide King Episode of The Walking Dead, Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, and Comic Book Men’s Kevin Smith and Steven Yeun were the special guests. A viewer posed the question to the pair, “If you could bring back one character that has died, who would it be and why?”

Kevin Smith’s answer proved to be very interesting and supports some of the rampant speculation among fans online. Kevin Smith said, “I would, honestly, I would probably go with, I mean I’m not 100% sure she’s actually dead, because I never saw a body, but I’d go with Lori. I miss Lori. I liked that storyline so much.”

Kevin Smith continued, “I liked when it was the kind of threesome. And when Sean went away, I liked when it was just them. And they never kind of got to get over their business and get back to being a happy couple. They never had that kind of bonding moment before boom she took off.”

Kevin Smith added, “And I’m still, again I know they showed the fat zombie, and he supposedly ate her and stuff. I still don’t…I didn’t see a body, and I don’t buy that she’s completely gone. We saw a ghost version of there. I think that there might be more of Lori to come. That’s my prediction.”

Do you agree with Kevin Smith that Lori Grimes is still alive?