Comic Book Men Season 2 Marathon Airing Overnight

Comic Book Men Marathon

Have you missed any episodes of season 2 of Comic Book Men? Are you afraid to watch the midseason premiere of Comic Book Men tomorrow night, because you don't want to spoil which staff members of the Secret Stash have been killed off before you have a chance to catch up?

Well, you're in luck, AMC is airing a marathon of Comic Book Men Season 2 overnight. The Comic Book Men Season 2 marathon includes the classic hunt for the Jersey Devil episode and midseason finale appearance of Stan Lee.

The Comic Book Men Season 2 marathon kicks off at 2 AM ET on early Thursday, February 14th with the "Stash Bashes" episode. All eight Season 2 episodes of Comic Book Men will be shown. Oh, and spoiler alert, all of the Secret Stash staff is still alive, as it's not that kind of comic book TV show.