Iron Man 3 Don Cheadle Poster Revealed

Iron man 3 Don Cheadle Poster

Yesterday, Marvel Entertainment teased a brand new Iron Man 3 character poster. All they initially revealed was Don Cheadle's eyes, and we didn't know if he would be wearing his Iron Patriot or his War Machine armor.

Now, Marvel Entertainment has released the full poster, and Iron Patriot armor it is. While most publicity material Marvel has released in the past for Iron Man movies has tended to focus on Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man, Marvel Studios seems to be placing a fair amount of focus on Don Cheadle's Iron Patriot character in Iron Man 3. Iron Patriot has been featured in both officially released photos as well as the Iron Man 3 trailer. Don Cheadle also appeared at Comic Con alongside Robert Downey Jr. All indications are that Don Cheadle plays a much larger role in Iron Man 3 than he did in Iron Man 2.

Iron Man 3 is scheduled to be released in movie theaters in the United States on May 3, 2013.