Star Trek Into Darkness Spoiler: Who Is Alex Marcus?

Star Trek Into Darkness Alex MarcusEarlier today we reported on how Star Trek Countdown To Darkness #2, which is a prequel comic book for the Star Trek Into Darkness movie, revealed a female character named Mudd, who appears to be based on the classic Star Trek character Harry Mudd.

In addition to the female version of Mudd, there are also a couple of other characters who either appear or are mentioned in the comic book who may or may not appear in the movie.

One of the character is named Robert April, and he’s appeared in Star Trek: The Animated series, as well as the Star Trek novels Final Frontier and Best Destiny. If you haven’t read the issue yet, then be warned that spoilers follow. If you’re planning to go see the Star Trek Into Darkness movie, then it would probably be a good idea to pick up this comic series, because it’s really starting to look like the comic book is leading straight into what we know about the movie so far.

In the comic, Robert April ignores the Prime Directive in order to help some of the inhabitants of planet Phaedus IV, who are being slaughtered by the dominant race on the planet. When Spock questions why his first officer did not detain him, Robert April says, “My first officer was named Alex Marcus. Truth is, he was more than my first officer. He was my closest friend. Which is probably why he didn’t try to detain me. Instead he let me go. Said he’d tell everyone I was dead.”

Of course, Alice Eve plays Carol Marcus in Star Trek Into Darkness, so it’s likely that Alex Marcus is somehow related to her. Could Alex Marcus be Carol Marcus’ father? Given that the Star Trek Countdown to Darkness writers seem to go out of their way to mention Alex Marcus would indicate that he probably has more than a cameo role in the movie. Peter Weller's role still has not been officially identified. Could Alex Marcus be the role that Peter Weller is playing in Star Trek Into Darkness? He would seem to look about the right age to be playing Alice Eve's father.