Will X-Men: Days of Future Past Debut Footage at Comic-Con?

At least year's Comic-Con International in San Diego, Marvel Studios debuted footage from the in-production Iron Man 3 to the audience, in spite of the fact that it had just begun filming in May, a couple of months earlier.

Could 20th Century Fox be looking to do the same thing?

That's certainly a possibility if you read between the lines of director Bryan Singer's latest tweet from the production offices of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Showing an in-production set that appears to be one of the long hallways Singer used in X-Men and X2: X-Men United, the director asked, "How many days until Comic-Con?", and then tagged "SDCC" and the film's name in the post.

You can check out the tweet below.

Singer stated yesterday that Days of Future Past is set to begin filming on April 15, by which point Iron Man 3 hadn't even yet finalized casting of its villain, who appeared briefly in the footage screened at San Diego. In spite of what's likely to be a hugely involved process of getting high-profile actors into the same place at the same time and a lot of digital post-production work, would Singer and Fox try to keep up the tradition and give fans something to get excited about in July?