Top 5: Daryl’s Tattoos Walking Dead, Megan Fox Ninja Turtles, Iron Man 3 & Man Of Steel Spoilers, & Wonder Woman Slapped

Daryl Dixon TattoosIn the second week of a new feature on, we are rounding up the top five trending stories for the week. This top five list collects some of the most popular stories in comic books, television and movies for the week.

Dary’ls Tattoos – When Merle ripped off the back of Daryl’s shirt on last week’s Walking Dead, it exposed some scars, which were meant to indicate that Daryl had been an abused child. However, there were also two large tattoos on Daryls back, and may people wondered if those tattoos held any special significance to The Walking Dead plot.

Man Of Steel And Iron Man 3 Spoilers – Two of the most highly anticipated movies of the summer are Man of Steel and Iron Man 3. As is often the case with comic book movies, a couple Lego sets seem to have revealed some spoilers.

Man Of Steel Running Time – While Lego might have given us some Man Of Steel spoilers, IMDB gave us the Man Of Steel running time. While IMDB is occasionally wrong, the 148 minute running time listed certainly fits with what fans would expect.

Megan Fox In Ninja Turtles – Director Michael Bay welcomed Megan Fox to the TMNT franchise, and the Internet gasped. While Michael Bay didn’t cite what Megan Fox’s role would be, it’s widely assumed she will be playing April O’Neil.

Wonder Woman Slapped – Remember the Jim Croce song with the line about not tugging on Superman’s cape. Well, Orion seemed to think it was ok to slap Superman’s girlfriend on the butt. While one might expect Wonder Woman herself to mop up the floor with Orion, she became distracted, and Orion seems to have gotten away with the slap. However, the covers for upcoming issues seem to indicate Orion will get what he’s got coming from both Wonder Woman and Superman.