Stephen King's Cell Being Adapted By War, Inc. Writer Mark Leyner

During a Reddit AMA interview earlier today, actor John Cusack revealed that the film adaptation of Stephen King's zombie techno-thriller Cell that he's starring in will be written by Mark Leyner, who last worked with Cusack as the writer of War, Inc.

"Stephen King is a great writer to work with," Cusack told a fan who asked him about 1408. "Doing a version of Cell with War, Inc. writer Mark Leyner. It should be another mind bender!"

War, Inc. also starred Iron Man 3 villain Sir Ben Kingsley as a secretive warlord pulling the strings from behind the scenes. That was, by all indications, good practice for his role in the Marvel Universe later on.

Previous reports (and the film's IMDb page) had the movie written by Adam Alleca of The Last House on the Left; whether he'll be working with Leyner or has been replaced as the film's writer isn't clear.