Norman Reedus Creates Panic With Possible Daryl Zombie Photos

Daryl Dixon as zombie

If there is one character on The Walking Dead that just might be invulnerable it’s got to be Daryl Dixon. While The Walking Dead producers and writers have repeatedly indicated that no one is safe, the show would likely face a major fan revolt if anything happened to Daryl. In fact, Laurie Holden, who plays Andrea, reportedly received death threats after her character on the show accidently took a shot at Daryl.

Of course, there appears to be one person who isn’t afraid of starting Daryl Dixon death rumors. Norman Reedus himself has started a flurry of speculation and fear by tweeting some photographs of a Daryl Dixon who is looking rather under the weather. The photos show Daryl with blood dripping from a nasty cut on his forehead and with a rather pale complexion.

It’s unknown if the photos might be from a previous episode or an upcoming episode of The Walking Dead, but they have created a mini-panic among some of Norman Reedus’ Twitter followers. Comments on the photos have included “Not sure if this is a spoiler...or if I should be worried...” (ShadyDevil99)  and “exactly what I'm thinking, I mean very pale in face hope it ain't a case of turning into a zombie!” (Briggsy1867) and “Ok Norm this is starting to freak me out cuz yr all sliced and diced. If something happens to Daryl.” (YalpGrl)

The “Arrow in the Doorpost” episode of The Walking Dead airs on Sunday, March 10 starting at 9 PM ET on AMC.