Man Of Steel Elevator Ad Wins Chip Shop Awards Ad Of The Week

Man of Steel Elevator Ad

The Chip Shop Awards (via TheDrum) has selected an innovative ad concept for Man of Steel as their Ad of the Week. The Chip Shop Awards recognizes creativity through international creative awards, and they are open to anyone.

The Chip Shop Awards focus on ideas, so people can submit creative that doesn’t necessarily have to be from one of their clients. The Man of Steel creative was submitted by Pixel8 to the Best Ambient Media categoryand is credited to Jon Massey and Ryan Brown.

The Man of Steel ad shows elevator doors designed to look like a man in a suit with his hands about to pull his jacket open. When the elevator doors open, the ad on the back wall of the elevator shows the Superman chest logo along with the Man of Steel release date and website address.

The Man of Steel opens in theaters in the United States on June 14, 2013.