The Walking Dead: Who Are Michonne’s Pets?

Who are Michonne's pets?Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead opened with a flashback scene  showing Andrea camping out with Michonne and her pet walkers. In the scene, Andrea asks Michonne about her pets. Andrea is curious if they attacked her or were someone that she knew. Michonne obviously doesn’t want to talk about it, but she tells Andrea that the men who became her pet walkers deserved what they got because they weren’t human to begin with.

So who are Michonne’s pet walkers? Be warned that spoilers from The Walking Dead comic book series follow. While AMC’s TV series doesn’t always follow Image’s comic book series, Michonne’s pet walkers were her boyfriend Mike and his best friend Terry.

In the early stages of the zombie apocalypse, Michonne’s boyfriend Mike was bitten, but she doesn’t realize he’s infected. After returning from a supply run, she returns home to find that both Mike and Terry have turned into walkers. She’s able to lock the two away, but her house becomes surrounded by walkers and she’s trapped. Because she notices that walkers don’t attack each other, she hacks off Mike and Terry’s arms and lower jaws and chains them up in order to escape her home.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Danai Gurira revealed that her pets on the TV series were connected to Michonne’s past, but she didn’t reveal if they have the same back story as in the comics. Since the scene was included in tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead alluding to the identity of Michonne's pets, it’s likely at some point that the TV series plans on revealing exactly who the pets were. Our guess are that they will still be Michonne's boyfriend and his best friend with their back story altered to make them not very nice guys.