Batwoman's Marriage Proposal: The Answer Is In

Last month's surprising cliffhanger, which saw Batwoman reveal her identity to, and then immediately propose to, her girlfriend Maggie Sawyer left fans wondering whether there might be a bump in the road ahead for the couple.

After all, the last time we saw a gay marriage proposal in the pages of a DC Comics title, it was promoted to high heaven--and then shot to hell as the non-superhero half of the couple was incinerated before he could give his answer.

With Batwoman #18 now available on Nook, though, it seemed likely we'd get an answer to the dangling proposal--and maybe a look at what it means for Maggie Sawyer who, after all, has a lot to process regarding the love of her life.

Well, it's not prioritized quite the way you might think, actually. Stuck in a fight with Mr. Freeze, struggling with DEO politics and then arguing with Batman, Batwoman burns most of an issue doing...well, Batwoman-y things...before we finally catch up with Maggie Sawyer, who's taking a look at what's to be her--no, scratch that, their--new apartment.

"My fiance does a lot of work with computers," Maggie explains to the realtor, and, "She works nights."

The realtor goes on to explain that their rather odd laundry list of requests for the property--that it be on the top floor, with roof access and a truly shocking amount of electrical and bandwidth capabilities--have all been met in this building, which also has enough room for their separate offices and perhaps a guest room (for a cousin/sidekick, perhaps?).

So, all in all, it looks like the concern that some readers had expressed over how Maggie might react may have been a bit misplaced. So far, she seems to be dealing remarkably well with the revelation that her wife-to-be dresses up like a bat and beats the crap out of people at night.