Iron Man 3's Hulkbuster Armor Is Named Igor

IRON MAN 3 Hulkbuster Armor

Another pair of Iron Man's suits of armor from the upcoming Iron Man 3 have been revealed via the film's Facebook page, blowing our earlier theory that maybe these things would be one per day until the release of the film.

The Mark XXXVIII Heavy Lifting Suit, nicknamed "Igor," is arguably the most relevant reveal yet as it's the one most fans have taken to be the "Hulkbuster" armor from the comics.

It's blue and silver here, suggesting that perhaps it was designed with the U.S. Military in mind. Will that make it more of a construction/demolition suit, less destructive in nature, or has the pacifist side of Stark simply gone by the wayside?

IRON MAN 3 Heartbreaker ArmorThe second new reveal is the Mark XVII Artillery Level RT Suit or "Heartbreaker." Little is known about the Heartbreaker armor yet, although it's been widely speculated that it's a suit Tony will don and not just one of his Iron Army drones.