Iron Man 3 Twist Has Fans In An Uproar

Iron Man 3 twistWe have not yet seen Iron Man 3, but we do want to warn that this post will discuss spoilers for the movie, even though we will stop short of revealing the big twist. Earlier this week, Disney showed an early screening of Iron Man 3 in London to members of the press. We’re not sure if the London press members were supposed to be under embargo or not, but if they were, it doesn’t seem to have been very effective. Numerous reviews and extensive, detailed spoilers have flooded the internet.

By most accounts, Iron Man 3 is an enjoyable and fun movie, but the film reportedly has a huge twist that is proving extremely controversial. While there have been lots of rumored twists in Iron Man 3, the twist that actually happens isn’t something that anyone seems to have been expecting. We’re going to skirt around the twist here, but if you go on any social media site or film message board you’re likely to find the twist we’re talking about.

We will say the twist involves Ben Kingsley’s character The Mandarin. Ben Kingsley is earning rave reviews for his performance in the film. However, when fans read about the twist involving his character, the reaction in general seems to be somewhat negative. Some fans are even so outraged by the twist that they are no longer planning to go see the movie.

Admittedly, when reading the twist in black and white, it’s hard not to be somewhat disappointed, and that’s probably part of the problem. Most that have seen the movie say that the twist actually fits well into the movie. In fact, many viewers have professed to loving the twist.

Given that Disney did so well keeping this twist under wraps, it's actually rather surprising that they would screen Iron Man 3 overseas nearly three weeks before the U.S. release. Considering that people who have actually seen the movie are reacting more positively than people who have just heard the twist, this is one of those twists that would have probably played better if Disney had released the film everywhere at the same time.