"Twin Peaks is Not Coming Back," Says Jennifer Lynch

Jennifer LynchJennifer Chambers Lynch, the daughter of Twin Peaks co-creator David Lynch and frequent collaborator with him, told fans at tonight's Twin Peaks Retrospective at the University of Southern California that they could stop looking forward to the news of a comeback for the cult favorite series, which was cancelled in 1991.

"Twin Peaks is not coming back," the filmmaker said earlier tonight at a Q&A in Los Angeles, according to the fansite Welcome to Twin Peaks.

While Jennifer Lynch has said as much a few times in the recent past, comments by her father and his co-creator Mark Frost have given fans enough reason to hold out hope for the series. Frost called the show "a continuing story," and intimated that he and Lynch has considered resurrecting the series at some point. Both NBC President Jennifer Salke and Netflix's Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos have expressed interest in reviving the series, widely regarded as one of the best in TV history.

But Lynch says that her message comes "straight from the horse's mouth," meaning that her father had told her he has no plans to return to Twin Peaks.

The series has always had a cult following who hoped to one day see more--it ran for two seasons and then a feature film meant to "wrap up" the show but which was a prequel and left as many questions as it answered--but speculation that it could come back has hit a fever pitch in the last several months, after a streaming deal with Hulu was struck and rumors began circulating that NBC had been courting Frost and Lynch to bring the show to NBC (who own part of Hulu). Jennifer Lynch said at the time that there was no truth to those rumors, but the massive online response to the reports prompted NBC's Salke to think it might be a good idea to explore. Since then, tonight's comments are the first definitive statement made on the matter, with a handful of writers and producers weighing in with speculation, what-ifs and teases in between.