Iron Man 3 Writer Getting Angry Tweets Over Twist

Iron Man 3 TwistWhile Iron Man 3 has proven to be a hit at the box office, there is one big controversial twist that has been stirring up much debate, especially among longtime comic book fans. Iron Man 3 is receiving mostly positive reviews overall, but the twist seems to have created some very divisive opinions.

Before Iron Man 3 premiered, writer Drew Pearce was worried that the twist might lead to a lynching, and it turns out his fears were not unfounded. As Iron Man 3 has premiered around the world, Drew Pearce has taken to Twitter to answer fan questions. When a fan asked Pearce if he had received any angry tweets yet, he replied, “S**tloads.”

Here are some examples of some of the angry tweets that Drew Pearce has been getting. To Pearce's credit, he's been responding to all the tweets about Iron Man 3, both positive and negative in a professional (and sometimes humorous) way.

Cemlevi tweeted, “Why did you do Mandarin fake it was so ridiculous that Mandarin was his biggest enemy in comıcs?” To which, Drew Pearce replied, “Genuinely sorry you didn't like it, sir. Hope you liked the rest of the film.”

Afif tweeted, “IM3 was hillarious, IM3 was awesome packed action, except for the fact that should-be badass Mandarin sucks. No love for that.” To which, Drew Pearce replied, “Oh well -- at least you MOSTLY liked it!”

All of the complaints are not just about the twist, as the destruction of the armor suits has also hit a nerve with some fans. When asked why he destroyed all the suits, Drew Pearce responded, “Oh, I'm sure there'll be more Iron Man suits sometime...”

Of course, it's not all angry tweets for Drew Pearce. In fact, a quick scan of many of the tweets reveals that the majority are actually positive and complimentary.

Simon Ragoonanan tweeted, “Can't believe all the Mandarin geek-heat. It's a very clever way to use an anachronistic racist yellow peril villain #IronMan3.” To which, Drew Pearce replied, “I'm really glad you think that. Basically what we thought too...”

Xeno tweeted, “Just saw IM3. I'm an old school comicbook fan and loved every second. Thanks for making Tony the heart & soul of the film.”