Thor: The Dark World Prelude Reveals Asgard Knew About Thanos

thanos-is-comingWhile the revelation that Thanos was behind Loki's return to Earth in Marvel's The Avengers came as a surprise to fans watching the movie, there's at least one character who knew it was coming, and said nothing: Thor's mother, Frigga.

That's according to the Thor: The Dark World Prelude comic just released this morning, in which Frigga gets a glimpse into Loki's plans and sets in motion a sequence of events that would eventually send Thor to Earth to thwart it.

As you can see at right, in the same flash of images that gives her insight into Loki's plans and abilities, she also sees the Chitauri and Thanos--but when she tells the Asgardians that Loki is alive, and still a threat, she doesn't mention these key aspects of the danger to the Nine Realms.

Thor's mom is kind of a jerk.