'Dragon Ball Heroes' Anime Releases First Trailer

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'Dragon Ball Heroes' Anime Releases First Trailer

Veronica Mars Fans Rejoice (Or Not) - Piz Returns

"Witchita Linebacker"--Chris Lowell as PizEarlier today, former Veronica Mars showrunner and current writer/director Rob Thomas revealed that series veteran Chris Lowell has officially been cast to "return to Neptune as Stosh 'Piz' Piznarski."

The casting announcement was accompanied by a video message, as the rest have been, and Lowell marks the sixth actor to be cast in the film (counting an extra who bid his way into the movie via the film's Kickstarter campaign).

Piz is somewhat of a controversial character; his appearances were in the season's critically-pilloried third season, and the attempts to set him up as a romantic foil for Veronica interfered with the ongoing romance between she and Logan (who will also be in the film version). Fans felt, ahem, very passionately about it.

His "welcome back" video, embedded below, is pretty endearing, though, as fumbles through it like Steve Carell's character from The Office in his improv class.

"In related news, Chris will be joining me on a panel this afternoon about Veronica Mars and the Kickstarter campaign, as part of the Austin Television Festival," Thomas said. "I don’t know what we’ll talk about, but I plan to share how amazing you, our backers, have been."