X-Men Days Of Future Past: Patrick Stewart On Professor X’s Return

Patrick Stewart X-Men Days Of Future PastAt the Wizard World New York Experience yesterday, Patrick Stewart took part in a question and answer panel. During X-Men: The Last Stand, Patrick Stewart’s character Professor X appeared to be killed off by Jean Grey (even though an after the credits scene did hint at least at his mind's survival).

During the Wizard World panel, Patrick Stewart joked, “Surely, he was vaporized by Jean Grey, memorable and quite uncomfortable. Don’t you hate being vaporized? It really makes a mess of your digestive system.”

In regards to Professor X’s return in X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Patrick Stewart said, “I can’t tell you how it comes about that I am in X-Men: Days Of Future Past, but you better believe me, I am, along with Sir Ian McKellen.”

In regards to his friend Sir Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart added, “Although, we did one job together way back in the seventies, it was actually X-Men that brought us together. We would sit in one another’s luxury motor homes and complain about not having enough to do and didn’t the studio understand that the most popular characters in X-Men were Magneto and Professor Xavier. And of course, we never tired of telling that to Hugh Jackman. And it’s not true that we were known on the set as ‘the old guys,’ that we were.”