Superman Breaks The Law, Flaunts Journalistic Ethics in Today's Action Comics

Superman is a jerk to laptops.Remember back when we reported that Superman had used his vision powers and an invulnerable thumbnail to conduct unlicensed surgery on Lois Lane? Well, he's back at it again...

The context is that Cat Grant, who works for Clark Kent's blog (now that he's left the Daily Planet), is hoping for an interview here, but that the Daily Planet has been promised the story. When the actress's publicist gets snippy about how blogs aren't "real" journalism, Clark Kent uses his heat vision to subtly fry the Q-Pads (Queen Industries iPads) of the publicist and what looks to be all of the non-Cat Grant reporters present. Clever trick if you can pull it off.

I'm not sure which is worse--that Superman actually uses his heat vision to commit vandalism here, that he does so in order to steal a promised exclusive away from the Daily Planet or that he looks so self-satisfied about it after the fact.

This isn't the first time he's used his vision powers to be kind of a creep in the New 52; he's also used telescopic vision to spy on Lois Lane's text messages from her boyfriend.