Helen Mirren Talks RED 2 And Bruce Willis Crush With The Saturday Evening Post

Helen Mirren Saturday Evening PostRED 2 is set to arrive in movie theaters this weekend, which matches up perfectly with San Diego Comic-Con. While most people might not think of the RED movies as comic book movies, they are originally based on a mini-series published by an imprint of DC Comics. The first RED movie was a hit in theaters, bringing in close to $200 million worldwide.

One of the stars of RED and RED 2 is the 67-year-old actress Helen Mirren. In anticipation of RED 2's release, The Saturday Evening Post has run a new interview with Helen Mirren, as well as featuring the actress on the cover of the July/August issue. Here are some highlights from Jeanne Wolf's interview with Helen Mirren.

On guns and whether she is a good shot: “Really, I’m not a fan of guns. In fact, I don’t even own a gun. I’m not too sure that guns nowadays are that useful…I like target practice, especially clay pigeon shooting, which is very difficult. That’s a great sport. So I’m up for shooting at a target just not a human being.”

On her crush on Red co-star Bruce Willis: “Don’t let my husband [Oscar-winning director Taylor Hackford] know. I’m joking. My husband knows that I do have a crush on Bruce. Actually, I have two kinds: The classic fan crush and a more aesthetic one as an actress looking at an actor who I think is really wonderful, it’s the venal and the respectful.”

On tackling nude scenes when acting: “I think it’s worse when you’re young to do nude scenes, funnily enough, because you’re more of a sex object. It’s never comfortable. The best thing would be if all the crew took their clothes off too, and then you’d feel fine. But if my body is still holding up, it’s not because I’m a fitness person. I’m really not. I constantly feel guilty about the fact that I am not going to the gym.”

On deciding to become an actress: “I made my debut as the Virgin Mary when I was 7, and I loved it because I got to wear a nice dress. When I was 15 I was like ‘I’m ready, I’m here, where are you all?’ But it took a long time.”

On the secret to her relationship: “Loyalty, love, and respect works every time. We’re there to support each other and say to each other, ‘You’re fantastic,’ even if everyone else says you’re terrible. It sounds pathetic but we’re really very proud of each other’s work. Hollywood is very much about optimism.”

On what she enjoys in her free time: “I’ve been sewing. I love sewing. I get my mum’s very old Singer treadle machine out. It badly needs a renovation. Anyway I just made myself a new gown to wear in my dressing room.”

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