Under Armour Reveals Superhero Gloves Featuring Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, And More 0

Under Armor Alter Ego gloves

Under Armour has announced that their newest release in the Alter Ego storyline will be the UA Alter Ego Highlight Glove. The Under Armour Alter Ego Highlight Gloves will feature superheroes like Superman, Batman, Captain America, and Spider-Man.

The UA Highlight gloves also feature the same CompFit technology as Under Armour's Highlight cleats. The gloves are designed to give the wrist streamlined, locked-in support. The gloves meet NFHS/NCAA/NOCSAE standards, which mean they can be worn on the field. The Armour GrabTack goes from fingers down to wrist.

The Under Armour Alter Ego Highlight Gloves are available now from Under Armour and have a retail price of $64.99.

Under Armour Alter Ego gloves

Under Armour Batman gloves

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