Superman and Batman Get Another New "First" Meeting

superman-batman-3Since the launch of the New 52, there have already been two issues that appeared to depict the first meetings of Superman and Batman. First, of course, was Justice League #1, the book that launched the new DC Universe and saw Batman and Hal Jordan seek out Superman in connection with Darkseid's attack on Earth.

Second came Batman/Superman #1, in which the two met and tangled--but which it's been explained in solicitations will be forgotten by all parties involved so that Justice League #1 makes sense. How they do that hasn't yet been depicted, although this week's Batman/Superman #3 ups the ante a bit, giving us another look at the earliest days of the pair's relationship.

Like, EARLIEST-earliest.

Apparently, Alfred Pennyworth's car broke down while driving through the Midwest and, with young Bruce Wayne in tow, he had to stop for a while in Smallville. The result? A brief meeting between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne that neither of them seemed to remember years later when they bumped into each other in Batman/Superman #1--but which was a bit of fun to read.

Oh, and Superman fought Batman for the first time as little kids, too, as you can see above.