Ben Affleck Reportedly Summoned To Work On Batman Vs. Superman Right Away

Ben Affleck

Last Friday, Warner Bros. announced that the release date of Batman Vs. Superman was being pushed back following the shift of the start of production on the film to second quarter of this year. Rumors swirled around the Internet that the production delay was due to Ben Affleck having either a leg injury or a rib injury. However, after a healthy-looking Affleck made some awards show appearances, those rumors seem to die down.

Now, Deadline is reporting that filming on Batman Vs. Superman isn't being delayed at all. According to their sources, "word is that production is not being delayed and the main players have been summoned to start work right away." In fact, the site is reporting that Affleck had to pull out of directing The Middle Man pilot because of the start of production of Batman Vs. Superman.

What does this latest twist mean? Assuming that Deadline is correct, could Warner Bros. be having second thoughts about delaying the Batman Vs. Superman release date? Or could the rumors about shooting Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League back-to-back be true, necessitating the immediate start of production? Did Marvel Studios moving Ant-Man up against Peter Pan push Warner Bros. to move faster?

Batman Vs. Superman is currently scheduled to be released on May 6, 2016.