The Big Bang Theory: The Convention Conundrum Recap

The Big Bang Theory The Convention Conundrum Carrie Fisher

In “The Convention Conundrum” episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon, Raj, Howie, and Leonard frantically try to buy Comic-Con tickets when the tickets first go live online. Penny watches from the kitchen, lamenting that there isn’t enough coffee for her to watch all this weirdness.

Despite refreshing their screens continuously, Sheldon, Raj, Howie, and Leonard fail to get Comic-Con tickets before tickets sell out. Sheldon tries to reassure the guys that WonderCon in Anaheim is just as good, then he goes and sobs in the refrigerator door. The guys explain to Penny that they are sad because they had all planned to go as different versions of the Hulk.

At lunch, Sheldon tells the Raj, Howie, and Leonard that he’s going to start his own convention. Leonard wants to just buy scalped tickets, but Sheldon warns that is against Comic-Con rules and could get them banned for life.

Sheldon starts recruiting celebrities for his con by calling Robert Downey Jr.’s agent. When Downey Jr.’s agent refuses, Sheldon says, “Excuse me. I sat through Iron Man 2. I believe he owes me two hours of his time.” Of course, Downey Jr.'s agent hangs up on Sheldon.

Despite the failure with Downey Jr., Sheldon announces to Raj, Howie, and Leonard that he’s close to securing James Earl Jones for his con. Sheldon says he figured out on the Internet where Jones was going for dinner and plans to approach him, but Leonard tells Sheldon that sounds like something a creepy stalker would do.

At the apartment, Howie tells Raj and Leonard that the Comic-Con ticket scalper is running late. Penny, Amy, and Bernadette are dressed up and having tea with a bunch of kids in an attempt to feel grown up.

Sheldon spots James Earl Jones at dinner. While Jones initially starts to launch into a speech about how he bets Sheldon is one of those guys who only cares about Star Wars, he then tells Sheldon that he likes Star Wars too. Jones invites Sheldon to sit down and join him.

Raj is reading a message board that says someone got caught with a scalped Comic-Con badge and was charged with petty theft. Howie says maybe they should cancel the scalper, but Leonard doesn’t want to chicken out.

Jones tells Sheldon that when he first read the script for Empire Strikes Back that he thought Darth Vader was lying about being Luke’s father. The two seem to be hitting it off very well. Penny, Amy, and Bernadette are now at a bar, complaining about how they still don’t feel grownup.

Back at the apartment, the Comic-Con ticket scalper calls and says he’s on his way up, but they guys are starting to chicken out. Howie turns out the lights so they can hide.

Sheldon and Jones are eating ice cream, and Sheldon is reminiscing about stories he’s heard about Jones. Back at the bar, Penny, Amy, and Bernadette are talking about how boring it was trying to be mature.  The guys are still hiding at their apartment, while Sheldon and Jones are at the amusement park.

Sheldon and Jones go and ring Carrie Fisher’s doorbell, and Fisher comes out with a baseball bat. Fisher yells, “It’s not funny anymore, James.” Sheldon and Jones are in a steam room, where Sheldon asks him to come to the con he’s starting. Jones offers to take Sheldon and his friends to Comic-Con with him, so they can go visit Tijuana.

In the closing scene, James Earl Jones is telling a long story, but Sheldon is falling asleep.