Zac Efron Confirms Star Wars Episode VII Meeting

Zac Efron

Remember the rumor that Disney's Lucasfilm was considering Zac Efron for a role in Star Wars Episode VII. It turns out that rumor was true.

While playing a game of "most likely to" with Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller as part of promoting their new film That Awkward Moment on MTV, Efron confirmed that he had indeed met with the Star Wars Episode VII crew. When MTV initially asked who was most likely to get a role in the new Star Wars movie, Mile Teller and Michael B. Jordan each pointed at each other.

However, Efron said, "If they do a young Yoda, then I want to be that." When Teller pointed our Efron was one of the first names rumored when Star Wars Episode VII was first announced, Efron revealed, "Yeah, I just went and met with them, you know. So I don't know. Yeah, it would be cool. It would be fun. I love them. I love them, but who knows."

Star Wars Episode VII is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on December 18, 2015.