The Walking Dead: Five Cool Moments You Might Have Missed Last Night

Last night, AMC's The Walking Dead returned in earnest--after a midseason premiere that was basically just Rick, Carl and Michonne, this week's episode (titled "Inmates") revealed the fates of every other key survivor (surprise: they all got out safely) and found out the fates of Carol and Judith.

We also got looks into the souls of Tara (the sister to The Governor's girlfriend Lilly) and Lizzie (sister to Mika, adopted daughter to Carol).

Most importantly, though, the filmmaking style was clever enough that you may have missed a bunch of things--we certainly did on first viewing--but upon reviewing the episode for second or third time, they're pretty obvious.

So it's incumbent upon us, of course, to supplement our regular episode recap with some of the stuff that didn't make its way into the previous article.

teminus-mapWe figured out where Terminus is

It's one of the biggest things that was trending on Twitter last night after the episode, and while it's still not totally official, it's pretty clear to us that Terminus is in Macon, Georgia.

And, as far as we can tell from the radio message sent out earlier this season, here's the question: is Terminus related to the Alexandria Safe-Zone or The Sanctuary? Given the fact that Robert Kirkman has said they intend on bringing in Negan sooner or later, you can't rule it out.

As one of the key settings for The Walking Dead video game and a site that Michonne almost visited earlier in the season, Macon has been tangentially related to the show, but we've never been there yet. It will be interesting to see what the town holds...

lizzie-bunniesLizzie goes full metal nutjob on some defenseless wildlife

Well, here's what we were speculating about just the other day: Lizzie? She's a little crazy.

Is she the same one who was killing animals at the prison? Probably. Does that mean she's a killer of people? Impossible to know just yet--but one thing is for sure, this understated scene where she was futzing with something off-camera is a lot creepier if you paid close enough attention to see what happened when she got up to leave.

And, yeah, it makes us wonder whether ultimately Carol will have to take her out for the good of the group--either because that's what Carol does--or because when she kills Mika or Judith or somebody else, Carol will see her culpability.

bobs-alcoholBob's alcohol comes in handy

Turns out Beth's boyfriend Zach, who died in the season premiere "30 Days Without an Accident" after Bob Stookey collapsed the roof and let zombies in while trying to get himself some booze, didn't die in vain.

Why? Because the same alcohol Stookey grabbed that day and brought back to the prison with him, turned out to be pretty handy when Glenn used it to fashion a Molotov cocktail, allowing he and Tara to escape from a seemingly hopeless situation at the prison.

This image came from Reddit's The Walking Dead forum, where they pointed out that it seems he drank half of it, too. Not sure whether that means he's still drinking and thus unstable, or that he's got his drinking under control because he had that whole bottle for all that time and only drank half.

helpful-manTyreese and Carol almost got Beth and Daryl killed

In a recap I wrote for another site, I pointed out "Is it just me, or are our survivors kind of jerks, leaving that poor man there to live the last moments of his life in despair and then turn into a walker who might kill others? Why not at least offer to put him out of his misery?"

Turns out Daryl and Beth took care of that for them--I just didn't notice my first time through because the episode showed it out of sequence.

Taking a look at the images above should clarify my point; the man Tyreese and Carol left behind to mourn the loss of his family and ultimately turn into a walker turned out to be the same walker who attacked Beth early in the episode.

The Walking Dead Inmates GlennWhere Glenn woke up

When Glenn woke up at the prison, he did it in an interesting spot: that obliterated bridge looks to be exactly where Tyreese was when we saw him making his escape with Judith. Actually, it was in the process of being obliterated as he ran past it. Could Glenn have been hiding in that shot somewhere, too?

Actually, no. We've looked plenty of times and would have noticed an extra person. Still, cool for them to return to such a key location.