The Walking Dead Terminus: Four Things We Know


One of the biggest unanswered questions of Season 4 of The Walking Dead has been exactly what is the mysterious place called Terminus. Little is known about Terminus and the name isn’t used in The Walking Dead comic book series, but there have been some clues provided as to what type of place Terminus is. Here are four things we know about Terminus so far.

4. Terminus Has Radio Broadcasting Ability – In the “Isolation” episode of The Walking Dead, Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese are driving in search of medical supplies, when they are startled by a voice on the radio. The voice says, “Sanctuary. Those who arrive survive.” While the name “Terminus” was not used in the broadcast, this is the same slogan that appears on the signs for Terminus. Obviously, Terminus must be a place where enough of its infrastructure is intact that they have radio broadcasting capability.

3. Terminus Is A Safe Place (According To Chris) – In the “Inmates” episode of The Walking Dead, a man named Chris tells Tyreese, Carol, and the kids, “There’s a place up the tracks. It’s safe. You can take the children there. Trust me. Leave. Follow the tracks.” Given that Tyreese has just tried to help save Chris and his son from walkers, Chris shouldn’t have a reason to lie to Tyreese. However, in the comic books, Chris was the name of one of The Hunters, who were a roving group of cannibals. Is the fact that the man was named Chris just a coincidence?

2. Terminus Appears To Be Located In Macon, Georgia – Also, in the “Inmates” episode of The Walking Dead, Tyreese, Carol, and the kids find a map to Terminus. After some careful analysis comparing the Terminus map to a Georgia map, the spot marked as Terminus on the map appears to be lined up with the city of Macon, Georgia (not to be confused with the county of Macon).

1. The People Who Run Terminus Want People To Come There – In the zombie apocalypse, there are limited supplies and resources. Many groups aren’t welcoming to strangers, because there is only so much food and other necessities to go around. To date on the series, we’ve heard a radio broadcast and seen multiple signs advertising Terminus. The signs have touted the slogan, “Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those that arrive, survive.” The people who run Terminus are actively recruiting more people to come there, which seems odd given the limited resources that most have. Could Terminus have abundant resources or is something else going on?

Given that Rick, Michonne, and Carl also found a sign for Terminus and are headed in that direction, it’s likely that at least some if not all of Rick’s group will reunite in Terminus. But is Terminus really the sanctuary that is promised? Or could Terminus be recruiting people to come there because its run by hungry cannibals?