The Walking Dead: Will Baby Judith Die?

The Walking Dead Baby Judith dies

When it comes to The Walking Dead, fans love to analyze every tidbit of information that is released about the show for possible clues as to what happens next. Being aware of this fact, it seems like AMC might be having a little fun with fans in the latest promos for "The Grove" episode.

One of the promos released showed Tyreese leaving baby Judith alone with Lizzie, while he goes and checks on what looks to be a walker ambling up the tracks. Of course, viewers will remember what happened last time Lizzie got left in charge of baby Judith. Lizzie nearly smothered baby Judith to death.The Walking Dead The Grove No Baby Judith

If that wasn’t enough of a tease, AMC also released a promo which shows Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie and Mika walking on the tracks and through the woods. In both shots, baby Judith is nowhere to be seen. Of course, baby Judith wouldn’t be left by her lonesome, so the clear suggestion by the promo is that baby Judith is dead.

However, Carol does appear to have something strapped to her back. Could it be a baby carrier for baby Judith? Could it be that baby Judith is safe and sound on Carol's back?

In a later shot of the group, Carol’s backpack is partially visible, but there is still no sign of baby Judith. However, the scene appears to have been intentionally blurred, so it’s still possible that baby Judith is on Carol’s back or one of the others is carrying her.

By not showing baby Judith and intentionally blurring the shot, AMC definitely seems to be trying to create the perception that something happened to baby Judith. Surely, Walking Dead producers wouldn’t kill off baby Judith before she has a chance to reunite with Rick and Carl. Would they?

“The Grove” episode of The Walking Dead airs on Sunday, March 16 at 9 PM ET on AMC.

The Walking Dead The Grove no baby Judith

The Walking Dead The Grove Backpack