Batman Editor Katie Kubert Heads to Marvel

Katie Kubert, DC Comics editor most recently of the Batman family of titles, has made the crosstown jump to Marvel Comics, where she will work in the X-Men/Guardians of the Galaxy family of books.

The move was announced via Twitter by Kubert's former DC collaborator Mike Marts, now Executive Editor at Marvel. Kubert appeared at the Marvel's Next Big Thing panel today at Special Edition: NYC.

Kubert is the latest DC staffer to leave the company or announce their retirement ahead of the company's move to the West Coast in the spring. Most current staffers and everyone on editorial have reportedly been invited to Burbank to continue their employment, but as with any company move, not everyone will take that option.

So far, that's been to the benefit of both Marvel Comics and Archie Comics, both of whom are headquartered in New York. DC's former publicity head Alex Segura now holds a similar title at Archie -- a job he took just before the company announced a new chief creative officer.

It seems likely, given her new position in the X-Men office, that Kubert will take over some of the duties vacated by Jeanine Schaefer, who took over as Marvel's talent scout following the promotion of longtime scout CB Cebulski.

Kubert is the granddaughter of legendary DC Comics artist Joe Kubert, founder of the Kubert School.