Guardians Of The Galaxy Director Leads World’s Biggest Grooting Session At Dragon Con

James Gunn Grooting

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn visited Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia this weekend, as the final stop on his Guardians world tour. During an interview with DragonCon TV, Gunn led a huge grooting session with a group of cosplayers.

“You know what the real grooting is though,” said Gunn. “The cool way to do this is if I’m standing here minding my own business, maybe my brother Sean can come up with me, and then everyone groots behind me. And then when I turn around they have to stop.”

Gunn added, “I think we can do the biggest grooting in the history of…I don’t know if there’s a Guinness Book of World Records category for grooting. But this could be the biggest.”

Guardians of the Galaxy is currently playing in movie theaters everywhere.