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Tokyo Ghoul

Anime (genre) / Animation (Genre) / Action (Genre) / Drama (Genre) Rated: TV-MA Creators: Sui Ishida Writers: Chuji Mikasano Composers: Yutaka Yamada Watch Trailer Composite ? N/A
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Next Up Tuesday, Apr 3 2018 at 10pm on Toonami

  • S3.E1
  • re: Episode 1
  • Set in a world where humanlike creatures known as ghouls run free, and organizations such as CCG are used to take down the man-eating beasts. Tokyo Ghoul’s new season will focus on a group of CCG Investigators called the Quinx Squad and their special abilities to take down renegade ghouls.

Most Recent Friday, Mar 27 2015 at 1pm on Toonami

  • S2.E12
  • Root A: Ken
  • Kaneki and Hide are reunited, and the two of them revisit the times they spent together. Kaneki and Touka separately remember the other members of Antieku as they both and the CCG cope with their losses.


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Ghouls are terrifying creatures which feed on human flesh. When Kaneki is almost killed in an attack, he transforms into a half-ghoul, half-human hybrid and is forced to adapt to their lifestyle in order to survive.

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