DC Universe: Rebirth #1 Getting Second Printing In Square Bound Format

DC Rebirth
(Photo: DC Comics)

The reviews have been coming in strong for Geoff John's DC Universe Rebirth #1, and the results are hard to argue with, as the first issue has completely sold out.

Now DC Comics is launching a second printing for the book, which will be available on June 8th, and will feature an updated cover. The new edition will also ship in square bound format, and thus will be priced at a still reasonable (it is 80 pages) $5.99. The book includes art from a talented stable of artists, including Ethan Van Sciver, Gary Frank, Phil Jimenez, and Ivan Reis.

(Photo: DC Comics)

DC Universe: Rebirth has been heralded as a much-needed return to form for the publisher by a number of sites, including ours. While it is only the first step, it is a much-needed sign of hope for a universe that has struggled to find its footing since it relaunched everything as part of its New 52 reboot. Johns has gone on record saying that the New 52 is everything that Rebirth is not, and has even offered to refund readers money if they weren't satisfied with the book.

As we cited in our review of the issue, this DC is: "the DC Universe I want to be reborn, the one I want to read, the one I want pulled from in other media. And it’s the one that DC Universe Rebirth #1 gives back to us."

Check out the official description of the book below.

"This epic tale of legacy, love, life, return of a much-beloved character and an ending that NOBODY saw coming is the gateway for DC’s line-wide title re-launch beginning June 1. With 17 titles shipping twice monthly and an additional 14 monthly titles, all at a new lower price of $2.99. REBIRTH is a return to the themes of optimism, hope and incredible superhero storytelling that has made DC and its characters the favorite of fans the world over for more than 80 years!"