Did Batman Just Kill [SPOILER]?

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  1. Lobo Will Never Die, Total Mis-Direct! "At one time, Lobo could grow a copy of himself, possessing all of his skills and powers, out of every drop of his blood that was spilled." No Worries for Batman Fans! :)

  2. I wish the LOB0 douche nozzle that frequents these comment sections would get his head exploded, by anyone, but Batman would be coo XD

  3. Lооkiпg fоr sеx fоr а sіпglе пight? chесk here

  4. eager to fіnd a sеxy mіlf and gеt lаіd? Sеe hеге

  5. Wasn't Lobo once reduced to a puddle of blood only to have the individual blood cells fight amongst themselves until the winning cell regenerated into Lobo?

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