13 Reasons Why Star Reveals Which DC Hero He'd Like To Play

Few shows have a place in the current cultural zeitgeist quite like 13 Reasons Why. The Netflix original series - based off of Jay Asher's book of the same name - has become a huge hit for the streaming platform. And while the show's subject matter has brought forth quite a bit of controversy, its cast has been praised for their talent.

One of the show's most prominent cast members is Christian Navarro, who plays Tony. With other credits such as Vinyl, The Affair, and The Tick, Navarro has shown his talents across the TV spectrum. But would the 25-year-old actor every consider lending those talents to a superhero property? Apparently, yes, and Navarro has a few in mind.

In a recent interview with GeekFeed, Navarro spoke about his love of the superhero genre, and how much he would like to appear in a live-action franchise.

"I would one hundred per cent consider joining a franchise like that. The story’s got to be right, the script has to be right, it would need to have a human element to it."

So which character would Navarro like to play? As far as the DC Comics world - which is only growing with its TV and film slate - he has a few ideas in mind.

"With DC, I think there’s some [realistic] options, like the Blue Beetle." Navarro explained. "A [member of the] Teen Titians, I could play, definitely. There’s options out there, I just haven’t met people yet. I would love to do something like that. Just to be involved in any way would be a dream come true."

But according to Navarro, there's one superhero role he dreams about playing - and it's a prominent Marvel Cinematic Universe character.

"I could play any character? I would love to play Iron Man, if eventually Robert Downey Jr. does step down. He is my favorite superhero."

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