The Batman Fan Poster Features Dark and Brooding Ben Affleck

by Kofi Outlaw

Wonder Woman's continues to crush the summer movie box office in its opening weekend, and DC Comics movie fans are already enjoying a surge in positive buzz regarding the future of the DC Extended Universe.

One of the most highly-anticipated upcoming DCEU projects is no doubt The Batman, Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie, which will be a reboot of the previous trilogy of Nolan films. Some inspired fans have gone so far as to create some pretty awesome fan posters for The Batman; just last week, a Batman poster featuring Jared Leto's Joker made big waves online, within DC fan circles.

As you can see below, now we have a new fan poster for The Batman (via TheAdenturousWriter) - one featuring Ben Affleck's Batman himself!

The Batman Movie Fan Poster Ben Affleck

The poster captures a dark and brooding Bat-Affleck - the sort we met in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While it's definitely a cool poster, one has to wonder if this "grittier Batman" will truly be the one we meet in The Batman; after all, part of the story of Justice League is supposed to concern how Batman learns to be a more heroic leader and icon - so arguably, we should see a more "heroic Batman" by the time the solo film arrives.

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