Aquaman Funko Pops Teaser Released

Aquaman is clearly one of the highlights of the upcoming Justice League, so fans should be delighted to see him back in action in all his Funko glory.

It seems the next Legion of Collectors box will star the King of Atlantis himself Aquaman. Funko typically releases a teaser trailer ahead of their official collector's box rollout, and the latest is as adorable as you'd expect. In the short, Wonder Woman and Batman (in their Justice League garb) are chained to anchors and sinking to the bottom of the ocean. They can't seem to break free, but luckily Aquaman shows up to save the day.

The reactions are wonderful, but one of the best parts is that Wonder Woman ends up breaking free on her own, while Batman is freed by a well-placed strike from Aquaman's trident. The three swim to the surface, where Aquaman is quite proud of his accomplishments. He's even more proud of his new collector's box, which debuts beside him on the pier.

You can watch the full clip in the video above.

It isn't known if the Aquaman box will focus solely on the film version or Aquaman in general, but likely it will be a mix of both. That said, you can probably expect the POP to be focused on Aquaman or Mera from the film though. There is already a Justice League POP of Aquaman and Mera, so hopefully, Funko will outdo itself with their exclusive.

Would love to have a recreation of the proud pose Aquaman strikes in the trailer, though an action stance one with his Trident held in both hands would be fantastic as well. If they go the Mera route, having a POP that showcases her water based powers would be amazing.

If this is just a wishlist, having an Aquaman focusing with a 3D realization of his telepathy would be awesome as well.

Fans have one more box to look forward to in the meantime though, as the current Legion of Collectors box is the "Unite The League" theme. The box's page includes silhouettes of Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman, so expect some slick looking exclusives once that box ships out.

You can find out more about that box on the official site, which can be ordered until November 1st.