'Justice League': Ray Fisher Reveals Why Cyborg Is A Different Kind Of Hero

Justice League will introduce quite a few DC Comics heroes to the masses - including a pretty complex take on Cyborg.

Ray Fisher, who will portray Victor Stone/Cyborg in the upcoming film, recently talked about his character in an interview with Geek Magazine (via ScreenRant). As he explained, Victor stands apart from his newfound teammates in a pretty unique way, considering the lengths his superpowers have taken over his life.

"With the situation that Victor's gone through, he's lost more than his body." Fisher explained. "He cannot potentially have the kind of family that a lot of people would want. So there's a much different struggle than the rest of the crew, because they can take their costumes off. They can live a normal life. They can hang up the cowl, they can hang up the capes or the helmets and whatever and just go off and be whoever it is that they want to after that point. But Cyborg doesn't have that luxury. Being able to see that sort of massive setback, yet seeing the guy overcome it, reconnect with humanity, while reconnecting with himself, is powerful."

Fisher also hinted at the relationship between Victor and his dad, Silas Stone (Joe Morton), and the complicated way it will unfold onscreen.

"And [he will] rebuild the relationship with his father who turned him into Cyborg, which essentially took a bad relationship and made it even worse." Fisher shared. "It's just an opportunity to watch this person, this superhero, who basically overcomes tremendous trauma and has every right to basically say 'Screw the world!' but doesn't."

As the November release date for Justice League gets closer, fans are seeing more and more looks at Cyborg in action. In addition to Sunday's new trailer, a recently-unveiled promo has displayed the film's incredible effects, with the visual effects behind Cyborg being named a highlight by many.

Justice League arrives in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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