'Legends Of Tomorrow' Has Greatest Titanic Easter Egg Ever

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(Photo: The CW)

With time, and the repair of it, being the domain DC's Legends of Tomorrow the show has no shortage of opportunities for some great Easter eggs. Tonight's episode, however, has one of the best yet on a "titanic" scale.

Mild spoilers for the Legends of Tomorrow episode 'Freakshow', below.

About five minutes into tonight's episode, the Legends are on the Waverider taking a look at a large projection showing the team all of the anachronisms the will have to tackle in order to set history right after they broke things in the season two finale. While trying to sort out where to go first, the team lets their stomachs be the guide. A suggestion that they head to the Great Wall is shot down by Mick who notes that he just had Chinese food the night before. That leads Ray to suggest they take on the Titanic as the legendary doomed steam liner reportedly had "great food." And that's when Martin Stein has the best line of the night.

"I refuse to set foot on the Titanic," an agitated Stein declares. "Whowever built that ship should be shot."

In a weird twist, Stein is sort of referring to himself. You see, Stein's actor, Victor Garber, played Titanic shipbuilder and designer Thomas Andrews in James Cameron’s 1998 film Titanic. In the film, as in real life, things don't go well for Andrews. His "unsinkable ship" strikes an ice berg and does, in fact sink taking over a thousand people -- including Andrews himself -- with it.

And the line referring to the Titanic's shipbuilder isn't the only Easter egg of sorts in tonight's episode. Billy Zane guest stars as P. T. Barnum whose circus is harboring another anachronism the team has to resolve – a sabre tooth tiger. Zane also appeared in Titanic as the misanthropic fictional millionaire Caledon Hockley in the film.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c following The Flash on The CW.