Pokemon Sun And Moon Mod Adds Intense Challenges

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

If you think that your recent Pokemon experiences may not have been as challenging as you would have liked, there's a mod available for Pokemon Sun and Moon called Pokemon Nova Sun and Pokemon Umbra Moon that promises to boost that difficulty up quite a bit, creating a challenging, but rewarding, playthrough.

Fluctuating between being called "too easy" and being praised for the accessibility the games offers to new players, the most recent installations into the Pokemon franchise have met with mixed reviews about their difficulty. In this mod, created by Dio Vento, the difficulty of both of the games is increased substantially while aiming not to inhibit the player's ability to actually have fun while playing. The most notable way that the difficulty is increased is through the revamping of the Trainers to give them actual in-depth strategies that you'll have to maneuver around. The mod creator even factored in the player's use of the Experience Share and adjusted the AI levels accordingly.

The first version of the mod was released in mid-February, and Dio Vento has been working and updating the experience ever since. Pokemon Nova Sun and Pokemon Umbra Moon is currently in Version 1.5, a process that the creator says took over 375 hours of work in order to reach that point.

A lengthy 7-minute video catalogs many of the changes to the original game that the mod includes, but here are some of the most important takeaways the mod offers as listed on the creator's mod notes:

  • Trade Evolutions now have alternate methods
  • Trainers are capable of EV Training their Pokemon
  • Eggs now hatch incredibly quickly
  • Version-based Evolutions now Evolve using the Sun or Moon Stone
  • All-new Trainer teams, designed from the ground up, many featuring six Pokemon
  • Every fully-evolved non-Legendary Pokemon (and Mega Evolution) will be encountered in a Trainer's team during the main story
  • Competitive consumables are available in standard Poke Marts
  • An in-game trade for a 6IV Ditto (holding a Destiny Knot) now exists

The full list of changes is extensive and can be read within the mod notes. The creator of the mod also includes details on how to install the mod, instructions that should probably be read closely since the process of installing a mod can sometimes be quite involved.

[via Kotaku]