Friday The 13th: The Game Receives Xbox Patch, Harsher Team Kill Penalties

(Photo: Gun Media)

As players on both the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of Friday the 13th: The Game have had a substantially easier time joining quick play matches after a recent patch, those playing on the Xbox One have been left wondering when they'd be able to play the game with fewer issues. As of today, just under three weeks after the game launched, the Xbox One's matchmaking patch is now live.

The main focus of the Xbox One patch was certainly geared towards matchmaking, something that many Xbox players felt was impossible to manage without consistent frustration. Gun Media, the team in charge of the game, advised players to look for Private Match options, and many players took to the Xbox community to find people to play with. When they posted the full patch notes for the Xbox patch, Gun Media acknowledged the long wait for the update and apologized for the delay.

"Apologies from our team are in order for this wait and our thanks for the patience that we've been granted from our fans," the update began. "It's a long, tough road for issues such as this, but you guys are heard and we are working as fast as possible to improve your experience. We are thankful that so many of you find the game to be very fun when you play, that's always our goal, so we've worked tirelessly to ensure that every single person is getting to enjoy that experience."

Aside from streamlining matchmaking — which it seems to have done as players are reporting substantially lower matchmaking searches — the patch also takes aim at some foul play that's been going on from Counselors. There's plenty of glitches and exploits to be addressed in the game that players have been reporting, and while many of them have been or are being fixed, they're also imposing a rough penalty on those who run around team-killing their co-Counselors.

With this newest patch, the penalty for killing another Counselor has been upped from a 200 XP subtraction to 1,000 XP off your final score. To put that in perspective, you get 200 XP for surviving a match, so you'd have to do that and complete multiple other objectives in the previous version just to gain XP. Since Counselor's don't usually earn near as much XP as Jason does, killing another Counselor will now essentially mean forfeiting your entire XP gain for the match.

They've also added a notification that pops up for a host when the player tries to leave a match. No word yet as to if a host migration system will be implemented, but at least now the host will be notified that they're about to kick seven other players out of a game if they decide to quit. They also again confirmed that they are still working on creating a report system.

The penalty and host notification changes for Friday the 13th: The Game are expected to be added to the PC and PlayStation 4 versions with their next update. The full patch notes for the Xbox One patch can be read here.