Here’s How You Can Snag Rare Replay On Xbox One For Free


A couple of years ago, Microsoft released Rare Replay, a compilation of classic games from the popular developer, including titles like Battletoads (both the NES original and arcade versions), Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Snake Rattle and Roll and a handful of others, recreated from their original coding. It also has interviews with Rare staffers. It's a great compilation for old-school and new fans alike, but you might have missed out on it because of other titles that were gaining popularity on the Xbox One at the time.

Not to worry, as you now have a second chance to snag it – and this time, for free.

Microsoft has noted that you can attain a free copy of the game simply by doing one thing – tuning in to its Xbox Daily program on Microsoft’s new Mixer platform.

Here’s how you can get the game. You’ll either need to tune in to Xbox Daily either today or tomorrow, starting at 1 PM PDT today or 10 AM PDT tomorrow, and watch what’s going on. You’ll need to make sure that your Xbox Live account is linked in with the Mixer page, and once you tune in and enjoy the stream, the game will be automatically downloaded to your account, free of charge. That’s it!

Microsoft didn’t note when the game would be added to the account – probably the next day after it’s verified you tuned in to the stream – but, hey, it’s hard not to pass up a free $20 game, especially one loaded with retro gaming goodness from one of the best developers out there. (Sadly, Donkey Kong Country and Goldeneye aren’t included, but pretty much everything else developed by the company is, so you can’t beat that.)

You’ve still got plenty of time to tune in and earn your free game, so feel free to stop by. Who knows, you might just dig the games that Microsoft is showing off at E3, including Forza Motorsport 7, Sea of Thieves, Ori and the Will of the Wisps and a handful of others. So you get two rewards for the price of one – good news if you’re an Xbox fan, right?