Iron Galaxy’s Extinction Being Considered For Nintendo Switch


Just a few days before the Electronic Entertainment Expo started, Iron Galaxy, the developers of the last two seasons of Killer Instinct, announced a new project in conjunction with Maximum Games, the action-packed Extinction. The game has since gained some interest with fans of top-tier action, but some people were wondering if it was possibly making its way to the Nintendo Switch.

At this point in time, only the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC versions of Extinction are official. But during E3 this past week, DualShockers had a chance to speak with executive producer Derek Neal about the possibility of the game coming to the Nintendo platform. He responded, “As far as Extinction, it wasn’t part of our original plan to bring Extinction to the Switch, but actually we’ve gotten this question a lot. A lot of people seem excited about the prospect of having this title on the Switch, so we are re-evaluating those options and seeing if maybe that is something we want to do. But that decision hasn’t been made yet.”

That said, Derek wasn’t speaking as part of the Iron Galaxy team, which he made clear. However, he knows that they’ve been “involved” with various Switch projects, though they haven’t been revealed just yet. “I’m not myself a member of Iron Galaxy, but to speak for them, I believe they have, yes, been involved directly with some Switch development.”

The game got some good exposure at E3 this past week, so it’s no doubt going to be favored quite a bit to those looking for a new action game to take on.

We’ll see how it fares in 2018 when it arrives for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC…and hopefully, Nintendo Switch.