Arika Reveals Its New Fighting Game, Confirms Skullomania And Other Street Fighter EX Favorites

What started out as an elaborate April Fools prank is now anything but, as Arika has confirmed that its mysterious fighting game is actually a reality.

This weekend, during the EVO 2017 event in Las Vegas, the team confirmed that the fighting game, going under the name Mysterious Fighting Game (Title Undecided), is very real, and that there’s a beta coming later this year in Japan to PlayStation 4. A worldwide release is planned for sometime in 2018.

But the trailer packed on a few surprises for those of you who fondly remember the 3D Street Fighter EX games, as the game will feature some of that series’ iconic characters. As you can see from the trailer, Skullomania is back, along with a few other notable favorites. (Sorry, no Street Fighter characters, but that’s kind of expected considering Capcom isn’t tied in with this project.)

This game will serve as the latest entry in the EX series, but will obviously undergo a new name, which, as noted above, is still undecided. But that’s good news for fans that have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for Arika’s newest fighting project, which looks to have quite the diverse cast, between EX veterans and newcomers that should kick quite a bit of ass in their own right.

The company noted that pre-orders for Japan will be available during the beta test, but other regions haven’t been confirmed just yet. It did note, however, that these would be available at a later date, probably sometime later this year.

The trailer does paint an interesting picture in terms of what to expect from the newest EX game, including plenty of combos and power moves, amongst other things. And, yes, it’s a trip seeing Skullomania back in action, if only because it’s been forever since we’ve seen him in action. We’re talking Street Fighter EX3 back on the PlayStation 2.

We’ll keep you informed once new information on Arika’s mysterious fighting game come to light. In the meantime, enjoy the footage, and dream of all things Skullomania. We know some of you are…