Pokemon Go Has a Major Problem On Its Hands

Pokemon Go could have a really big problem brewing this afternoon. Numerous players are complaining that they aren't receiving coins when their Pokemon return from gyms, even though they claim to have not surpassed the daily limit.

Under normal circumstances, a Pokemon Go player can receive up to 50 coins a day for having their Pokemon in gyms. Defending Pokemon receive one coin for every ten minutes they successfully defend a gym, although players don't receive the coin bonus until their Pokemon is kicked out by an attacking team.

The issues appear to have started around 2 PM ET today. Numerous threads about the coin issue have popped up on Reddit, including the current second highest post on the Pokemon Go subreddit /r/TheSilphRoad.

While Pokemon Go players have complained about not receiving coins before, most complaints were due to players not noticing a Pokemon returning to them earlier today. However, today's complaints seem to be due to an underlying issue with the game.

Niantic has not responded to an email about the coin issue, but they did acknowledge the issue publicly on Twitter:

It's possible that Niantic temporarily shut off coin distributions to a recently publicized exploit that allows players to obtain "unlimited" coins by messing with the time functions on their phones.