Pokemon Go Fest's Hype Might Get Dampened By Incoming Thunderstorms


With the first live Pokemon Go event less than a week away now, players are prepping hard to take on all of the challenges and rewards that’ll be present at Pokemon Go Fest. While in-game challenges are what players are already expecting, the weather forecast for the event is also shaping up to be an issue with thunderstorms supposedly headed for the Trainers.

Players first started raising concern about the incoming rain over on The Silph Road, the popular Pokemon Reddit community where players strategize and share valuable information. An announcement that was posted yesterday warned Pokemon Go Fest attendees of the possibility that the results of a Rain Dance might very well be a possibility. The post in question advised that there was a 60 percent chance of thunderstorms coming on Saturday and also gave a heads up about the varying temperatures that the Chicago-based event may go through by saying that temperatures can get quite cool even in the middle of July.

Checking the official forecasts for the area, the warning seems to be spot-on. Rain’s supposed to be coming all next weekend for Chicago, something that the event organizers have hopefully accounted for during their planning of the event. There are team lounges that’ll be available for players to take a break in and congregate with their team, but it’s doubtful that they’ll be big enough to accommodate everyone at once if rain does start coming. Umbrellas are one of the items on the list of prohibited items during the event as well, so Pokemon Go Fest attendees will have to make other plans in case of rain.

For an outdoors event, it might seem like a “duh” moment that rain could be an issue, but in plenty of highly-anticipated events that people travel to, the fans find a way to make it work rain or shine. That might be a bit harder at a Pokemon Go event though where the whole point is for everyone to have their phones out, and prolonged rain could easily cause the festival to be a mess.

The forecast will hopefully change in favor of attendees before the event, but as many pointed out in the comments, Chicago weather can be unpredictable, and players likely won’t know what to expect until much closer to July 22 when the event takes place.

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